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To establish enterprise value of Toplit

To establish enterprise value of Toplit
As the LED market competition increasing fiercely,cheap once become the industry consensus , Toplit want to set the industry benchmark for value, in order to develop and upgrade packaging technology to reduce downstream costs, dedicated to making LED lighting to replace traditional lighting .
Li Jiansheng ,the Founder and chairman of Toplite has designed brand building, technology innovation and industrial integration of the three target for his enterprise , and to build a value benchmark of the industry, to close the goal of reducing costs with technique development .For example with Toplite COB (chip on board package) LED packaging technology, simplification the procee of the SMD (Surface Mount) package, packaging and welding, improve productivity of downstream, it can reduce 30% of the integrate cost.
Specializing in COB packaging
According to the foreign professional institutions predict that the global of LED lighting output is expected to reach $ 17.8 billion in this year, compared with last year's shipments it has grow 68%. Among them, the amount of the domestic market LED lighting products will reach 86 percent growth rate. LED lighting market is developing rapidly, so with 18 years industry experience LI Jiansheng is more optimistic about the future of weakness market which has experienced a price war .          In 2003.As the industrial restructuring happened Toplite was specialize in LED display applications. Toplite changed their direction of development rapidly, It was only suitable for the application of LED display area, mostly for industrial instrumentation, display taxi meter and other man-machine interface. With LED brightness increases and the blue, white light have appeared, Toplite began to focus on LED chip packaging field. "LI Jiansheng said.
   In 2006,Toplite undertook national 863program and started with LED chip packaging field. By the opportunity of Expo project, Toplite began to explore the downstream of Luminaires in 2008.The output of Toplite has more than 50 million yuan in 2012.Last year, Toplite built  4000㎡ production base, main products are LED display and LED components for lighting. Annual output points of light source are 20 billion.
Today, Toplite reposition the advantages of packaging technology field, and listed on three new board last year, with the capital leverage invest more funds to support enterprises in the patent technology development and reserves. With Lijiansheng's words, the construction of Toplite -driven idea is to become closer to the price, the higher luminous efficiency LED lamps. He said: "When the price of  LED is lower than traditional light bulbs, traditional lighting must be replaced."
To pursuit of the interests of downstream customers and maintain a high index
In the chain of LED lighting industry ,upstream enterprise makes chip components of light emitting, midstream chip packaging companies make integrated modules made​​, and then sold to downstream lighting companies. According to statistics, midstream packaging costs accounted for about 25% -30% of the whole industry chain. Midstream packaging market capacity is not small, the industry is also have quite a lot of pretenders.
In this more and more competitive industry, many LED lighting business in order to cater the market demand , choose produce cheaper LED lighting products, reduce costs, especially in the packaging field, let a lot of light effects in general, the failure rate high of products to the market, resulting in a vicious competition in the industry.
Establish the value of the benchmark, the industry has become a top priority. Li jiansheng designed to integrate resources from brand building, technology innovation and industrial alliances in three dimensions, and to build a value benchmark companies.
"Establish brand vision is very good, but most companies are establishing a cheap image." Li jiansheng explained, now the largest LED lighting applications or city government procurement lighting renovation project, the tender of major projects, often locking Cree (CREE ) and Osram and other international famous brands, it is because the project is very focused on indicators of performance and energy-saving light effects and other hard targets, many domestic enterprises due to cheap policies are respected in the door.
In the eyes of Li jiansheng, Toplite to establish a good brand image, it is necessary to maintain the value of downstream customers, providing fixed target to achieve technology products. He said: "When applying for 863 projects, we did at that time the country's highest luminous efficiency indicators, the value we give up their own ideas is to provide customers the value of luminous efficiency, energy conservation value, to avoid the risk of value due to poor quality, because the light source does not cause problems downstream losses. "
After 863 packaging project, CDH product has been selected the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Today, the Shanghai Town God's Temple, the World Expo Theme Pavilion, the Yan'an Elevated Road, Nanpu Bridge and Suzhou River along 10 bridges and other landmarks, have adopted CDH LED lighting products, as CDH one after another successful business case.
Technology research and development to help companies Fun "difference"
In CDH technology (430,344) last year, the prospectus, the diagnosis of CDH future broker a big risk is that the status quo is facing increasing competition in the industry.
Since 2006, a 3528 maturity lighting products for raw materials, production processes and complete and high degree of automation equipment, the industry almost 70% of companies are producing this product homogeneity. Lijiansheng said that when the technology relies entirely on a sound equipment, materials, technology to solve the product simply repeat the homogenization of price competition began flooding the market. The 3528 was a product from one yuan to 5 cents a, although created at least six listed companies, but also makes more than 16 major packaging companies are eliminated.
Avoid homogenization of price competition, Lijiansheng's view is the enterprise must make a "difference." In the last year, a senior engineer LED industry conference, Lijiansheng site to share an article entitled "How to play good a packaging company? "Keynote speech, aroused the interest of many companies in the industry.
How to play well a packaging company? CDH strategy is technological innovation. Lijiansheng said: "CDH is located in Shanghai, less policy support in the manufacturing sector, the manufacturing cost than high-south, not competition, but the price advantage of local conditions, use of resources and testing organizations combined effect of Shanghai's universities, companies can do forward. of product development. "
Currently CDH joint Peking University, Fudan University, LED Reality Technology Shanghai Key Laboratory of the University of the State, in order to drive innovation and research projects, production reliability LED related products. CDH as key development based COB (chip on board package) technology LED light source module has been relatively mature technology greatly simplicity of the SMD (Surface Mount) process package, packaging and welding improves the downstream production efficiency, can reduce 30% of the integrated cost. Lijiansheng said: "The experience of CDH display production accumulated during the year played a significant role, in fact, a matrix display module COB LED lighting technology is the predecessor of micro enterprises through innovation, reached with the Japanese citizen and other industry leaders research and development of forward-looking technology overlap. "
Today Toplite reposition their own advantages in the field of packaging technology.