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Toplite technology: LED lighting still time to replace the traditional - Corporate Information - 上海鼎晖科技股份有限公司

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Toplite technology: LED lighting still time to replace the traditional

LED can replace traditional lighting? This is not a new problem. Data show that this year's LED lighting industry output value reached 200 billion yuan, is expected next year will jump to 350 billion yuan. Replace seems too obvious "become facts."

Just before the completion of three new board-listed Shanghai Science and Technology Co., Ltd., LI Jian-sheng Toplite It seems that with the evolution of LED lighting technology and lower prices, to replace the traditional lighting has become a trend. But to be completely replaced, in addition to technical and price changes "bad money drives out good money" status LED lighting market, the establishment of the value of benchmarking is still a priority.

Advantage play package

In the domestic LED industry arduous process, tortuous explore Toplite technology, perhaps fairly representative of the template. This Shanghai listed first in the new three-panel LED lighting business now has 40,000 square meters of production base, annual production value of 80 million yuan, but in the LED market has almost sink like a stone.

LI Jian-sheng, recalled that before 2000, Toplite major force in the LED display, although the market demand, but not the size of the enterprise, and the demand does not have the continuity of production tends to be scattered. LI Jian-sheng said, "In about 2000, Toplite investment costs and profits almost naught, the company was nearly worn down bad debts and arrears."

2004 Toplite technology began a major push into LED lighting industry. In 2006, the company applied to the Ministry of Science 863 LED packaging project, after which the product has been selected the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Today, the Shanghai City God Temple, Theme Pavilion, the Yan'an Elevated Road, Nanpu Bridge and Suzhou River along ten bridges and other landmarks, have adopted Toplite LED lighting products. But in the manufacture of lighting for landmark project process, LI Jian-sheng found that, because the company does not have the advantage of downstream channels lamps, although made ​​a reputation, profitability was not obvious. LED lamps in the "Hundred Regiments", the Toplite extricate yourself from the beginning, to play in the middle of the packaging industry chain advantages to appear as the light source supplier.

In the LED lighting industry chain upstream enterprise manufacturing a light emitting chip components, midstream packaging companies will be made readily available integrated circuit chip, and then sold to downstream lighting business. Currently, midstream packaging accounts for about 25% -30% of the whole industry chain. Which, based on COB LED light source module technology has been successfully CDH focuses on the development stage of the production at the beginning of next year. After this technique, LED light fixtures with a variety of shapes. Currently, there are 60% ​​-80% of companies have chosen to transition to COB packaging technology, which has become a new trend in the domestic LED lighting.

Adhere to the quality of the bottom line

Analysis of the industry, from the amount of light, the one-per-watt incandescent 15 units, an LED lamps can achieve its 10 times. Future, light quality requirements will increasingly diverse, LED lighting will also further into the home. However, the market is flooded with a large number of low-quality products, which is the current industry bottlenecks encountered.

Now, into the lighting store, brand manufacturers of LED lighting has been seen everywhere, the price is more close to the people. However, due to overcapacity, fierce competition in a large number of LED lamps, at the price war, and therefore have to sacrifice quality. LI Jian-sheng said, "to sacrifice quality at the expense of the price war, the LED lighting market will do a bad reputation in the consumer on the inside under unknown circumstances, the decision to purchase only factor is the brand."

Therefore, Toplite technology on packaging process control is very strict, selective undertake a number of high-end business, expect to build their own brand. Prices at the same level of 40% -60% cheaper than the big foreign based on quality in order to be able to emulate. After three new board listed Toplite technology also had to rely on their own funds to bid farewell to the "low-speed jogging" state, hopes to inject institutional investors further maintain product quality in the high-end market.